Connie Roberts: Hall of Famer

Connie Roberts: Hall of Fame Inductee
Posted on 12/13/2022

Interview Conducted & Article Written By: Emily Polk, 5th Grader

On October 24th, Connie Roberts, the principal of Townsend Elementary School and a basketball player in Elementary and High school, was inducted into the Blount County Sports Hall of Fame for high school basketball. “I was definitely shocked at first,” said Roberts, “But I was so excited and I really was honored and humbled by it because, you know, it’s not every day that you get recognized for something like that, but I had fun doing it and I met a lot of good people.” In her 5th grade year, she played point guard for the Townsend Tigers. When she was in high school, she played post. “I definitely enjoyed my teammates,” she said “you know, getting to know them, and we spent a lot of time together, so that was always fun.”