Best in Show: BCPL LEGO Contest

Best in Show: Blount County Public Library LEGO Contest

Written By: Emily Polk


For the past several years, the Blount County Public Library has hosted LEGO contests in which kids can enter LEGO builds and have a chance at winning prizes. These contests are held at the Children’s Department in the library a couple of times a year. There is normally an optional fun theme, with awards like Best in Show, Fan Favorite, Best Theme Design, and awards in each age group. I enjoy building with LEGOs, so when I found out about these contests, I started entering my builds whenever I could and really look forward to the contests.

This January, the optional theme of the LEGO contest was Winter, but I entered something completely different. My design was based on the U.S. Constitution. I wanted to create something that symbolized people working together to accomplish big things. I also am very interested in the American Revolution and the events that surround it. My LEGO design had a massive pencil held by lots of LEGO minifigures, who together were writing the Preamble to the Constitution, “We the People,” with the American flag and a bald eagle in the background. I even had a George Washington minifigure directing the other minifigures, who were regular men, women, and children. Two of the minifigures were hoisting the American flag, and a third was saluting it. The symbolic American bald eagle was majestically flying in the background.

I entered my design, and was surprised to find out that my design won Best in Show! I was very shocked when I heard the voicemail when I got home from school that I had won. I got my picture made at the library, and I came home with a new set of LEGOs as my prize. The library posted the winning designs on their Facebook page. I was surprised that I won, because there were so many other good builds that I was sure would win. I hope that I am going to be able to continue to enter my LEGO builds, and I hope that if you want to enter a LEGO build into a contest, that you can and will enjoy making it.